Corby B Campbell

Federal Aviation Saftey Officer (ASO) at
Greater St Louis Area


Current Status[/tooltip]” tag=”h4″]

  • Federal Aviation Safety Officer (ASO) at Campbell Air Security
  • Licensed Corporate Security Advisor at Anheuser-Busch In-Bev
  • Hazardous Material Technician III and V at Anheuser-Busch In-Bev

Past Accomplishments & Employment

  • St Louis Metropolitan Police Officer / Greater St Louis Major Case Squad Investigator at SLMPD
  • Plane Captain at United States Navy

My Education

  • Webster University


Federal Aviation Safety Officer (ASO)

Campbell Air Security

(Security and Investigations industry)

December 2010 — Present

Federal Aviation Safety Officer (ASO), Armed

Engaged in the federal agency aviation safety program within the scope of my responsibilities. Committed to a safer aviation environment. A safety professional fully capable of meeting the safety and risk management tasks or situations associated with Federal aviation operations.

I have met the Federal Aviation Safety Officer Training Requirements (ICAP Federal Aviation Safety Officer Program). Approved by the ICAP’s Safety Standards and Training Subcommittee (SSTS) ASO Certificate Selection Group.

Area of Concentration:

Board private corporation personal aircraft armed. Fly out of a specified airport into DC Reagan airport.


Basic Aviation Accident Investigation, Human Factors, Risk Management, Aviation Safety Program Management, and Legal Aspects of Aviation.


Interagency Committee for Aviation Policy (ICAP) Federal Aviation Safety Officer

Licensed Corporate Security Advisor

Anheuser-Busch In-Bev

(Public Company; BUD; Food & Beverages industry)

2004 — Present

Specialized experience:

Serve as an Armed Corporate Security Advisor (security specialist) and Subject Matter Expert (SME), licensed by the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners, supporting the corporation in a wide array of industrial security areas (plant security, corporate security, physical security, and personnel security).

Major duties:

Advisor to executive management, plant security commanders, plant security supervisors, and plant security officers. Liaison with executive management, corporate security managers, plant security management, corporate security advisors, plant security officers, and the St. Louis metropolitan police department. Manage and Investigate security incidents. Conduct threat and risk assessments. Provide support to the plant security operations. Protect corporate assets by implementing integrated security strategies and situational awareness.

Employed to provide all services rendered by a corporate security officer, as well as other specialized corporate security services related to the protection of corporate resources and personnel. Arrest powers are not restricted to corporate property but are co-extensive with the geographic limits of the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County while actively engaged in the employer’s business. Missouri Code of State Regulations, 17 CSR 20-5.015.


Principal safety, counter-surveillance, active shooter, counter-terrorism, event planning, and defensive drivin

Hazardous Material Technician III and V

Anheuser-Busch InBev

(Public Company; ABI; Security and Investigations industry)

October 2004 — Present

Specialized experience:

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Technician- levels I, III and V (emergency response team). Perform advanced hazardous material control and containment operations, respond to and investigation of chemical alarms and or reports of suspected chemical leaks.

Major duties:

Perform bio-hazard spill clean-up, inspections, rescues, first aid, worker evacuation; evacuate the injured, incident stabilization, and life safety. Work with utility workers to detect and stop chemical leaks. Response levels include: Level A – totally encapsulated chemical suit with a positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus, Level B – chemical resistant suit with SCBA worn externally, and Level C – chemical suit worn with an air-purifying respirator. (Industrial plant: carbon dioxide, coal, grain, chips, solvents, corrosive cleaning chemicals, ammonia, bulk acid, bulk caustic).

Secondary Incident Commander

Anheuser-Busch InBev

(Public Company; ABI; Security and Investigations industry)

October 2004 — Present

Specialized experience:

Implementation of incident commander procedures (incident command system) during hazardous material waste operations response – levels I, III and V and or confined space rescue.


Assume command in the absence of the primary incident commander.

Major duties:

Provide leadership for emergency response team members (7-10). Conduct after action review, report writing, debriefing, and preparations for next event

Armed Corporate Courier

Anheuser-Busch InBev

(Public Company; ABI; Security and Investigations industry)

October 2004 — Present (6 years 4 months)

Specialized experience:

Provide corporate executive / VIP assistance and transportation. Provide corporate asset (e.g. documents, material, and product) transportation.

Major duty:

Employed to carry out the assignment of protecting/transporting property from one designated area to another.

Confined Space Rescue Technician

Anheuser-Busch InBev

(Public Company; ABI; Security and Investigations industry)

October 2004 — Present

Specialized experience:

Perform as a team member in confined space rescue (lager, steam and chip tank) in an industrial environment. Utilize confined space entry and rescue equipment.

Major duties:

Rescue / treatment of injured personnel. Vertical, technical, and horizontal rope rescue (high angle). Equipment rigging and patient packaging.

Corporate Security Officer

Anhesuer-Busch INBEV

(Security and Investigations industry)

October 2004 — October 2006

Specialized experience:

Performed armed protective services in the Corporate North America Headquarters (6,000 employees, 283 buildings, 23 parking lots, Clydesdales, and 1500-3000 daily), with a diverse and complex set of operating environments. Performed under diverse operational conditions, with a diverse group. Operations: 24 hrs / 7 days per week. Licensed by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

Major duties:

Physical security and access control, emergency response, corporate asset protection, screening operations (e.g. visitors / contractors / staffs screening and package / mail screening via x-ray machine), and implement security measures to protect against theft and fire. Provide protective services as assigned. Conduct industrial security duties, first – aid, armed courier employee / visitor and staff assistance, hazard identification and product safeguard. Conduct foot and mobile patrols. Perform fixed posts assignments. Enforce safety and environmental, health, and safety (EHS) related standards (e.g. proper disposal, property storage, personal protective equipment, etc.).

Other duties include: emergency medical response (first aid, out-patient transportation, automated external defibrillator), physical security, criminal and non-criminal investigations, assist railroad personnel, photographic documentation, building checks, troubleshooting, record keeping, cargo inspection, motorist assistance, product screening, temporary employee/visitor badge issue, ID checks, truck inspection, document inspection, chemical, smoke and fire alarm response, and visitor and employee ID management.

St Louis Metropolitan Police Officer / Major Case Squad Investigator

(Security and Investigations industry)

1995 — 2004

Police Officer:

Patrolled a specified district. Enforced local, state, and federal criminal code. Conducted criminal and non-criminal investigations. Worked directly with prosecutors and county counselors in the prosecution of suspected law violators. Investigated conditions hazardous to life or property. Detained, interviewed, and or made arrests for violations of laws in state and local ordinances.

Detective, Narcotics Division:

Investigated and apprehended persons suspected of illegal sale or use of narcotics: Compiled identifying information on suspects charged with selling narcotics. Maintained surveillance of suspect to detect modus operandi. Observed and photographs narcotic purchase transaction to compile evidence and protect undercover investigator. Arrested narcotics offenders. Obtained statements for prosecution of offenders and appears in court as witness. Liaison with local state and federal law enforcement agencies to share criminal intelligence and related information.

Major Case Squad Investigator:

Served as an investigator with the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis (multi-departmental unit charged with investigating major crimes in six Missouri and four Illinois counties). Investigated crimes beyond the scope of normal squads. Other regional investigative efforts supported: included forensic computer crime, juvenile justice, auto theft, gangs, and narcotics. Liaison with local state and federal law enforcement agencies to share criminal intelligence and related information.

Bureau Weapons Suppression Team

Performed a Violent Offender Apprehension / Bureau Weapons Suppression Team Member. Acted to reduce violent related crimes in the St. Louis Metropolitan area by apprehending violent offenders, seizing firearms used in the commission of a crime, seizing firearms from subjects who were not in possession of a gun permit, and seizing firearms from subjects who are not authorized to possess a firearm by law.

Plane Captain

United States Navy

(Government Agency; Military industry)

1992 — 2000

United States Navy
Plain Captain
USS Theodore Roosevelt

United States Navy Reserves
Medical Corp
Jefferson Barracks

Lay Responder First Aid/CPR/AED

Instructor at Anheuser-Busch

Campbell Air Security